Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday Leaves a Super Mess

The results are in and the race is far from over.

John McCain was the night's biggest winner thanks to winning the most Republican states including the big ones of New York, California and Illinois. Mitt Romney was the big loser, winning some Western states but performing poorly in the South. Huckabee proved he's more than an also-ran but despite his strong performance, he clearly doesn't play outside the South.

I imagine the cooler heads within the Republican party are going to start pushing Romney to step aside. The hot heads of the media, however, are going to want to fight on. John McCain has just barely half the delegates he needs for the nomination which means this thing could go all the way to the convention if Huckabee and Romney keep contesting each state.

The Democrats look destined to go to their convention without a nominee. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck coming out of Super Tuesday. Clinton withstood the Obama surge with New York and California firewalls but he cleaned up a lot of the smaller states and, of course, ran her over in Georgia and Illinois. I'll be interested to see the polls coming out of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC (the next major grouping). Obama should dominate DC and squeak out victories in Maryland and Virginia.

Then on to Washington and then Texas and on and on and on until Denver where we may have a convention decidedly not scripted for television. The fun ain't over yet. The ride's jut getting good.

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