Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Barking Mad

Rush Limbaugh, who has always had an abusive relationship with reality, has completely lost it. This from The Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb quoting a piece in The New York Sun:

On Mr. Limbaugh's program today, he said people should not be rushing to back Mr. McCain over issues of national security. The talk host said America's direction in Iraq would not be substantially different, even if Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama were elected. "They are not going to surrender the country to Islamic radicalism or the war in Iraq," Mr. Limbaugh said after mentioning the two Democratic senators by name. "They are not going to do that to themselves, despite what their base says."

Goldfarb brings us back to reality:

There is no doubt that America's direction in Iraq would be substantially different if a Democrat were elected in November. No well informed person could argue otherwise.

Yep. But Limbaugh and others on the unhinged right are operating in a fun-house mirror version of reality where McCain is the product of some vast liberal conspiracy (apparently perpetrated by a significant number of strong conservatives). It’s all off-the-wall crazy.

Limbaugh, Coulter, et. al. have long been the right’s half-crazed attack dogs. Let them into your house and it’s no surprise when they piss all over the furniture. If McCain wins big tonight, the Republican Party is going to have to figure out how to get its crazies back in the kennel and ready for the real fight this Fall.

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