Friday, February 01, 2008

You Know What I Like About John McCain...

…he’s not an ideologue. He’s a principled, independent conservative. We know where he stands and we know he’s not going to change just because some pollster says it’s in his best political interest. Yet we know he can change if the times and circumstances demand it. He won’t let the nation go to hell just to preserve his own blessed ideology.

His allegiances are to no party or political theory. That drives a lot of people crazy. It drives me to like him all the more. A president who’s obliged to carry the water of no one is a president who can put America’s interests and honor well before the petty desires of his party.

I don’t agree with every position he holds or like everything he’s done. But there’s not a politician in Washington who shares all my beliefs or who’s never made condemnable mistakes. The goal is not to contort oneself into the unsustainable pose of a true believer. The goal is to find a candidate you can trust to be wise enough to consider the best opinions and smart enough to follow the right course.

McCain would not make a perfect president. But I think he would make a very good one.

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Blogger PatHMV said...

He's certainly not committed to either of the main branches of ideology in our political spectrum today. However, his intense devotion to McCain-Feingold, and his harsh attacks on anyone who daes cross him on the issues he holds near and dear do border on the ideological, if not the pathological.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

I'm no fan of McCain-Feingold. Wish that wasn't part of the McCain deal, but it is.

There are two candidates in this race that I comfortably know where they stand and know which issues will be problematic. McCain and Clinton. Obama is an enigma. Romney has shown an eagerness to shift positions with the political winds and, despite the rabid support he's getting from the right, there's no indication at all that he won't modify his beliefs quite readily.

Of the two I can trust to stay steady, I far prefer McCain's positions and character over Clinton. He's not the ideal candidate for me but I've yet to find one that is even close.

6:30 PM  

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