Monday, January 28, 2008

We Interupt This Election to Bring You ... The President of the United States

While we’re all bickering over who should be the next president, the current president still has a few things to say. Of course, we’ve heard almost all of it before.

Bush is against taxes. He’s in favor of continuing military operations in Iraq. He’s theoretically in favor of combating global warming but is against doing anything that could conceivably hurt business. He’s for education spending, particularly for helping out faith-based schools. And on and on.

He did encourage quick passage of the stimulus package – proving once again he’s about as fiscally sound as a teenager with Daddy’s credit card (with this congress, he’s in good company). He also came out against earmarks, although that emphasis was probably added as a way to focus criticism on the Democratic congress and their quickly broken promise of significantly curtailing such budgetary tricks.

Bush has always been a man of big ideas but tonight felt quiet and small. A lame duck president facing an oppositional congress has little hope of achieving anything significant in his final year. He can only reaffirm his priorities while reminding everyone the next guy (or gal) has yet to take office. Bush did just that and nothing more.

Historians will long debate this president’s legacy but one thing is inarguable: the man has great confidence in his own judgment. Right or wrong, good or bad, he’s standing firm until the end. Those crying for change will get no satisfaction until the next president takes over.

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Blogger George Vreeland Hill said...

Bush is full of bs.
No one trusts him.
The same goes for McCain.
They seem to lick each other where the sun don't shine.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill

3:22 AM  

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