Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Early Super Tuesday Reaction

John McCain is winning every where he's supposed to win. Yet, I'm hearing a lot of negativism on the networks with pundits pointing out over and over that McCain is not loved by the most conservative members of the party.

And yet isn't the story really how poorly Romney is doing and how well Huckabee is performing? After a week plus of anti-McCain hysteria, there are a LOT of Republicans who are choosing Huckabee over Romney. See, the conservative talk show hosts can try their hardest to convince us Romney is some pure blooded conservative but a lot of voters are smart enough to know he's a political changeling.

John McCain may not wrap things up tonight but, right now, Romney looks like the biggest loser.

On the Democratic side, things are falling where they were expected to fall. The biggest news is how well Obama is running among white voters at over 40%. He's doing even better among white males, which he's splitting evenly with Clinton.

Of course, with every state having to divide its delegates, we'll be a long way from having a Democratic nominee. What we need to look for is how close Obama comes to splitting the delegates evenly. If he can stay close, his momentum could keep building.

More later.

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