Sunday, February 24, 2008

Like a Broken Record, Nader's Back

In 2000, Ralph Nader shook up the race by highlighting a growing disaffection with the two-party system. In 2004 he wanted to see if what he started in 2000 was a movement or a political blip (answer: a blip). Now, he’s running again, apparently because he still feels the two parties are locking out too many citizens.

Back in 2000, I bought into the whole “there’s nothing different between the parties” myth advanced by Nader. What can I say? I was in the beginnings of my own ideological crisis/quest and saw little to like in Al Gore or George Bush. I reached for Nader as much out of protest as out of congenital lefty sentiment (it wouldn’t be until 2001 that I stopped reflexively assuming only liberals had good and moral answers).

In the years after 2000, I think we all learned that, yes, there are significant differences between the two parties. And although there will always be voices shut out of the two party system, the spiritedness of both parties’ nomination process this year proves that a great range of opinions are well represented and can find a space within one of the two parties.

There is really no compelling reason for a Nader candidacy this year. But, hey, it’s his right to run and I’m always in favor of more voices, not less. Besides, at 74 years of age, Nader gives John McCain the chance to point out he’s not the oldest person in the race.

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Blogger bucyrus said...

It's his right to run, but like they say, just because it's your right doesn't make it right.

Like I said in my Nader post over at CF (">:

I'm always going to support the 1st amendment right of folks to speak their mind and support their pet issues. Nader makes a good case at least some of the time. But it takes an egomaniac to put his pet cause above the importance of selecting our next leader. Anyone who wants to mount an independent or 3rd party challenge ought to have enough respect for our nation's presidential choosing process to either show some serious viability (like what, at least 15% to 20% by springtime, right?) or get the frak out of the way. If your idiosyncratic take on what's most important for the nation doesn't get you any real traction, but you insist on hanging around anyway, you're just a petulant crank. A sideshow troll.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People really need to check out the Ziggy Saunders "Write In Protest Vote" against the 2 party system.

Finally a canidate who tells it like it is no BS. He vows to give the Middle Finger to the Two Party System and to Lead a Revloution at the Voting Booths this November.

Check out these two YouTube videos of Ziggy

and his page at

12:39 AM  

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