Thursday, February 21, 2008

All the Tabloid News That's Fit to Print

The culture of rumor-journalism has gotten so prevalent that The New York Times is now conforming to the journalistic standards of Star Magazine. The Times’ “story” that John McCain may have had an affair during the 2000 campaign is based on nothing more than concerns some anonymous staffers had.

Concerns from anonymous sources? Really? That is tabloid level reporting. Hopefully this will wash right through the news cycle with more responsible journalists admitting that concerns from anonymous sources about a possible affair does not merit a news story. But I have serious doubts that the rest of the mainstream media will be so mature. This is going to be a thorn for McCain and that’s a shame.

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Blogger bucyrus said...

Time will tell, but I have my doubts, at least on the bimbo eruption angle. I doubt anyone gives a carp about that.

It sure seems wholly based on innuendo and devoid of evidence of any actual wrongdoing. And I agree that's a shame.

One thing, though. I am not sure it's a good idea for his PR folks to defend McCain by saying he has never violated the public trust. In the quotes I read from McCain's book about the Keating scandal, McCain has pretty much admitted that that he ought not to have tried to protect Keating, and that he did it because he wanted the financing.

Not trying to drag the guy down, because I like the guy and think he learned from it and became chastened. My point is only that his overwrought PR folks ought to be careful not to be the ones who open THAT door back up.

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