Thursday, February 21, 2008

You Know Obama is the Frontrunner When...


Blogger bucyrus said...

Right. I never thought it was a question of if, but rather when. the most anti-obama folks have been losing their minds for months over this percieved kid-glove treatment.

But that's how it always works for relative newcomers, newcomers in the sense of folks who are tabulas rasa in the eyes of the broad public. They get puffy coverage if and until their popularity rises, and the media tends to be loathe to puncture the balloon when it still has a lot of rise in it. The media needs content, and when the ratings are good, they'd rather have a novel's worth than a short story.

Who's gonna read a lengthy critique of a pol they've never even heard of? An author is well-served to make the character interesting and basically likeable in the early chapters if they want folks to keep reading. You start to reveal fatal flaws after you hook the reader. When it comes to long-term coverage of public figures, media coverage tends to follow predictable narrative form. It's not a political conspiracy of liberal bias so much as a self-interest controversy conspiracy to provide as lengthy an interesting tale as possible.

And yup, the gloves are to some extent coming off. The question is, how many folks will be that interested in the the critics reviews compared to the big show on the stage. The genpub really does to despise and dismiss critics. I mean, we're talking Julia Roberts versus Roger Ebert here. Time will tell.

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