Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Reality Check on NAFTA

Over the years, NAFTA has become the boogie man of U.S. economics. But it's not that simple as Froma Harrop of RealClearPolitics explains. The deal (and other such deals with nations in the Americas, like CAFTA) is not to blame for our shuttered factories and has, on the whole, been quite good for our continent.

If there is one main cause of our manufacturing downturn, it's cheap Asian labor. Bashing NAFTA not only misses the point but distracts us from addressing the real challenges.

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Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

It is interesting that some of the same people who are most critical about NAFTA as being the source of job loss for Americans are seemingly indecisive when it comes to the subject of illegal immigration.

The African-American community in particular has been injured far more by Immigration than by NAFTA:

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