Friday, February 22, 2008

The New National Obsession

We’re obsessed. All of us. Left, right, center, upside and down, everyone just keeps writing and talking and debating Barack Obama. Cruise the blogs, the columnists, talk radio or the news channels and Obama is at the front of everyone’s mind. We can’t stop ourselves. In a culture that salivates over the every move of talentless heiresses and half-sane pop starlets, we’re preconditioned to obsess over larger-than-life personalities. And who in modern America is more fascinating than Obama?

He won’t lose to Hillary Clinton. He can’t. Love him, hate him or find yourself endlessly confused by him, we all want to know where the story goes from here. A loser in the primaries? Unthinkable at this point. He doesn’t just have momentum, he has destiny. We can’t look away.

John McCain will need all the forces of luck and clear-headed rationality if he hopes to have a chance in November. Obama has the spotlight and it doesn’t look like he’s letting go anytime soon.

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Blogger bucyrus said...

You know what the next stage is, don't you?

Obama fatigue. I mean, it's worse than Peyton Manning during football season.

3:16 PM  

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