Thursday, November 08, 2007

Out Here -- A Post About Very Little

I have pulled in my head and stopped listening to the world of blogs. Maybe “pulled in” is the exact wrong phrase. Maybe I should say I’ve stuck my head out from the world of blogs – for when you are not immersed in the daily vitriol and passion and clinging conformity and desperate nonconformity and all the other hardness that is the blogosphere, you start seeing that the rest of the nation, the world, cares oh so little about so much of what boils blood on blogs.

There is a willful ignorance out here, sure, but there is also a comforting acceptance too, a softness to human interactions where personal political opinion is secondary to just about every other qualifier. Out here I am not defined by the force of my opinions so I feel less pressure to be firm. I don’t have to be coherent. I don’t have to be pithy or wise or exuberant. I can wallow in the deep confusion to which us humans are naturally confined.

You see, what’s really going on is that I am in transition – this blog’s sputtering is just a reflection of swirling events out here. Nothing tragic. Nothing even worth mentioning. Just one of those times when life progresses faster than the spirit can change and you’re left scrambling to realign the pieces in a pattern that makes sense.

I’ve got a few pieces stuck back together. Soon, I just know, I’ll be back here with renewed vigor, speechifying away with nary a remembrance of my time out here where political opinion is not the stuff of polite conversation. But I thought I’d write a post about it – just so I can point back and say “see, I CAN exist happily in a world of subdued ideals and formless opinions.” I can – but only when I’m in flux.

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