Friday, November 03, 2006

And Now, Some Pop Culture Thoughts...

In the midst of all the election coverage and news, I felt the need to pause and talk a little pop culture and sports. After all, we all have rich, fulfilling lives outside of discussing politics … right? So here for your amusement are some pop culture/sports thoughts:

If you’re not watching Heroes, you’re missing out on the season’s most entertaining new show. Really. It’s basically a comic book written for adults to enjoy. And the cast is excellent.

Terrell Owens is an attention junky and the sports media is his pusher. They bagger that guy until he says something mildly outrageous and then crow about what a selfish jerk he is. It’s sports reporting at its poorest—really, they must be getting advice from the Washington press corps.

Lost has regained its footing this season after last year’s disappointing run. The plot seems to be back in high gear and the mysteries are engaging once again. But I wish they hadn’t killed off Mr. Eco. He was one of the best characters.

Pearl Jam is one of the most underrated rock bands of all time. Nirvana gets all the glory from that era but Pearl Jam was/is better and their songs are still very listenable—many of them modern classics. They also do the best covers in the business.

Tarzan II may be the worst animated movie ever made. Really. I watch a lot of animated movies. Rather, my son watches a lot of these movies – but the TV is awfully big and rather centralized, so I end up watching more cartoons than a grown man really should.

Why are the New England Patriots so damn good year-in and year-out, no matter who they put on the field? There’s not another team in football that does so much with so little.

NBA prediction – Spurs over Cavaliers in the finals. What, you think that’s a homer pick? Probably.

NFL prediction – Colts over Bears in the Super Bowl

NHL prediction – two teams will play on ice for a championship few will notice

Oscar pick: Best picture: Flags of Our Fathers; Best director: Martin Scorcese for The Departed (then hell will promptly freeze over)

Mind you, those Oscar picks are wild guesses. The only movies I’ve seen all year have been X-Men III, Devil Wears Prada and Clerks II. X-Men could win an Oscar for special effects. Prada could win for Meryl Streep. Clerks could win for, umm, do they have an Oscar for best bestiality simulation?

And finally, The Wire is the best show on television this decade. Season Three was Shakespearean in its brilliance and Season Four is shaping up to be just as good.


Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

I hope the academy has the nerve to pass over Clint in favor of Marty this year .. Flags of Our Fathers was an average war flick at best, with an ending that just ruined everything that came before it

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Jeff M said...

Actually I hope they pick Flags Of Our Fathers, at least if it comes down to a choice between that or The Departed. The latter was such an empty, overlong movie.

9:52 PM  

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