Monday, October 30, 2006

Overplaying Iraq

The Democrats are set to run ads focused on Iraq in competitive races across the country. Everyone knows that the mess in Iraq is one of the keys (if not THE key) to the Democrats' resurgence this election cycle. But will running ads about Iraq really help or will it potentially hurt?

Most Americans are not satisfied with the situation in Iraq and many even support a timetable for withdrawal. But the Democrats have to be careful how they position their intentions. The last thing they want to do is present any form of a defeatist message that over-emphasizes the "get out quickly, to hell with Iraq" attitude prevelent on the party's left wing. Voters who are still undecided at this point could be motivated to vote against the Democrats if the Dem ads leave the impression that a vote for Democrats is a vote for retreat and defeat.

Every voter in America is reminded every day that Iraq is a mess. And we all know which party has been in charge throughout the conflict. I don't think the Democrats need to risk alienating security-minded Independent voters with ads focused on Iraq. This is really not an issue Democrats want to get specific on at this point. They can spend their money on other issues not getting constant play in the news.


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