Friday, September 22, 2006

Smart Words from Smart People

Well, I’ll be out-of-town for the next week and probably will do very little or no posting. So, as I always do when I go away, I’m leaving you with some great posts by other writers.

My post on the non-existence of the vital center has given Amba pause as she contemplates the unthinkable: joining the Republican party.

Ann Althouse takes a look at Democratic efforts to abolish or at least find a way to avoid the electoral college system. Ann’s take is very interesting and a good commentary on the Democrat’s problems with winning elections.

Paul Silver of Austin Centrist tells us why he’s voting for independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn for Texas governor. He makes some excellent points. I’m leaning towards Kinky Friedman myself, but I could be persuaded to Strayhorn’s side.

Charging RINO examines the recent Warner/McCain/Graham confrontation with the White House. The RINO believes Bush conceded more than expected thanks to the courage of these three Republican senators.

Dean Esmay, who’s often wrong on issues of civil rights and liberties pertaining to the war on terror, has always been right in his honest, full-fledged support of the Muslim faith and its followers. In this post he calls many conservatives to task for their two-faced view of terrorism and its perpetrators.

Now let’s pause for some liberal bashing. O.k., not bashing because, really, in this post by Callimachus, he barely comments. He just posts the words of so-called liberals making excuses for and even praising such snakes as Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Chavez. I know, I know … not everyone on the left thinks this way. Great. Fine. So why are these leftist bloggers and their readers so regularly courted by Democratic party leaders? I mean, if they aren’t representative, why do the Democrats want to be associated with them? Just a question.

Done With Mirrors’ other writer, Reader_Iam, gives us a disturbing and sadly overlooked story about a moderate Muslim journalist being persecuted for his views in Bangladesh. Really, if you aren’t reading Done With Mirrors everyday, you’re missing out on two of the best writers in the blogosphere.

Pastor and blogger, Denis Sanders, makes a good point about Christians and views on torture. As he asks: Who Would Jesus Torture? I think you know the answer but Denis’ words, as always, are worth reading.

Chesty, of the Russell Record, has a couple posts you should check out. The first examines what winning the Cold War can teach us about strategies for the War on Terror. The second post is just a quote from 100 years ago, but it could have been said today about Iraq.

If you haven’t done so already, you really need to read blog-friend and drinking buddy, M. Takhallus’ very own international policy plan which M. Tak encourages the Democrats to adopt. Tak has some really great ideas but, as of yet, Nancy Pelosi hasn’t called.

And finally we look north of the border to Walrus Said, who has some approving words to say about new Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. You know, down here in Texas we get a lot of news about Mexican politics but very little about Canadian politics. Wish we heard more because us North American nations are only going to become more and more important to one another in the coming decades.

And, that’s it. If I didn’t link to it here, it’s probably not worth reading. O.k. That’s not true. All the blogs I link to are worth reading. And this blog will once again be worth reading after I return in a week or so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I challenge you to find a single post by a liberal blogger that was courted by former President Clinton last week that had positive things to say about Chavez or Ahmedinejad...I don't mean marginal bloggers but I mean the players that get tens of thousands of hits a day like Kos, Atrios, firedoglake.

If you can't then I'd like to see you acknowledge that the liberal bloggers that are actually courted by Democratic politicians have not done what you said.

Time to put up...

10:17 PM  
Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

How did I know that my liberal blogger comment would get under someone's skin? Probably because most people on the left still deny that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

The post I referenced was referencing a post by Matthew Yglesias, one of the very biggest liberal bloggers. I have no idea if he was at Clinton's meet-and-great, but I've read plenty of articles about Democratic strategists looking to him and others, like the writers at Daily Kos, as important opinion leaders that should be listened to.

I have absolutely nothing against liberals. I am a liberal in many, many ways. I just don't care much for the subset of liberals who debase the ideology by making apologies for oppressive regimes and cruel leaders. And I'm tired of the rest of the left making apologies for the off-the-deep-end liberals.

12:04 AM  

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