Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Most Important Numbers From Yesterday

From CNN:

The Illinois senator won the women vote. He won the white vote. He won the elderly vote. He won the Latino vote. He won among every income level.

I think we can now call Obama the front-runner.

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Blogger bucyrus said...

Boy do I ever not feel sorry for people who used their home equity as a piggy bank. People living beyond their means is a part of our problem. Entities giving out loans to folks who shouldn't be taking them is another problem.We need to work toward more folks living within their means.

FWIW, I think a renewed focus on infrastructure repair is a good idea, but only if it is also coupled with pork reform for stuff we ought to start giving a more jaded eye to...especially all sorts of stuff that, while it has civic virtue, ought to be either transitioned to a self-sustaining endowment or phased out...things like new museums and historic preservation and all sorts of grant programs.

Another thing we need to look at is why we as a nation have become much more addicted to, and much more susceptible to the adverse effects of market speculators. When I was a kid, folks talked about speculative bubbles as scary things that usedt o happen. But now, within the last decade, we've had to weather both the popped tech bubble and the popped real-estate bubble. What's up with that?

The people that I really feel sorry for are the folks who just wanted to buy a house, had the means, paid an inflated price due to the speculative bubble, and now are stuck holding the bag.

See that's really the problem...lots of stuff that is overvalued by the market because of manipulation and speculation...but all the regular folks buying into it and living beyond their means are fueling the fire.

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