Saturday, January 19, 2008

What We Know After Nevada

We know endorsements from labor unions help but the Clinton organization helps more.

We know African-Americans are starting to turn towards Obama in large numbers.

We know Hispanics are still far more comfortable with Hillary.

We know Edwards is done, even if he keeps his campaign going through Super Tuesday.

We know with the way Clinton and Obama continue to split delegates fairly evenly, the nomination could still be up in the air after Super Tuesday.

We know Mormons will vote for Romney in heavy numbers.

We know Nevada, the state that takes greatest advantage of its states rights, is the best place for Ron Paul – and Paul’s best is still far from good enough.

We know Giuliani’s big-state strategy may be one of presidential politics greatest blunders.

We know South Carolina’s results are far more important to Republicans.

We know this whole election is still a crap shoot.

NOTE: All facts pulled from CNN's televised coverage. All commentary pulled from my -- well, you know.

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