Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nobody Knows Nothin'

So, the rumor of Hillary’s demise was greatly exaggerated. Obama is a fantastic story but apparently not everyone is convinced he’ll be a fantastic president.

For Democrats and the nation at large, Clinton’s win in New Hampshire is actually a good thing. It gives more voters more time to examine the inexperienced Obama rather than simply giving him a coronation. The longer the race remains undecided, the better.

Meanwhile, the Republicans politely kept the results in line with the polls and went 1)McCain 2)Romney 3)Huckabee. That changes nothing. This is still a heated race.

I can only hope at least one party’s contest is still in play by the time Texas holds its primary sometime next century (it’s in early March, but it might as well be in 2108). I’d love the chance to pull a lever rather than just spouting off on-line.

More tomorrow after all this sets in.



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