Wednesday, January 02, 2008

If Heaven Were Beef, It'd Taste Like This

One of my greatest joys in life is food. I enjoy fine dining. I enjoy a good greasy spoon. I enjoy spending four hours in the kitchen cooking up something entirely new. I’ll eat just about anything and I believe the best part about traveling is trying new restaurants. So I don’t say this next part lightly:

Two nights ago, I ate the most amazing steak I’ve ever tasted.

Succulent, as a word, falls embarrassingly short. Life-changing is better. Some have called it an epiphany. Imagine a steak that actually melts in your mouth. You have to eat it slowly like you might sip a 30-year old scotch, letting it waltz in your mouth before finally, regrettably swallowing.

The beef is called Akaushi and, yes, it’s pretty much the same cow that produces the famous, much over-hyped Kobe beef. Expect Akaushi doesn’t have to travel half-way around the world. It’s raised in Texas and served at San Antonio’s most-accomplished steakhouse.

Oddly, the ranchers of Akaushi market it as much for its healthiness as for its transcendence. But, honestly, if they told me it was so high in cholesterol that I’d need bypass immediately upon finishing my steak, I’d still eat it. It’s that good. I’m already plotting my next experience.



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