Monday, December 31, 2007

Undecided, and It Feels So Wrong

O.k., it’s a matter of hours before 2008 and I have no idea who I’m supporting for president. Still plenty of time before November, you say? Are you kidding? In a month this whole thing will be whittled down to two (maybe three) candidates. Then I’ll just have to hold my nose and pick.

Now’s the time to get on a wagon. Even if your guy comes in 8th in Iowa, at least you can spend the rest of the year saying “well, I was really for_________.” So, here’s where I’m at on the top contenders:

The Democrats

Barack Obama: Maybe. He seems to me to be a conservatively tempered liberal, which makes me think he’d be a pragmatic leader. He has the intelligence to make up for his lack of experience. But his stated desire to bring unity to the nation seems in conflict with his uninspired, liberal Democrat policy positions.

Hillary Clinton: I don’t think I can do it. It’s not that I think she’d be a bad president or even that I greatly disagree with her policies (she has some reasonable ideas). But after two decades of Bush/Clinton/Bush and the accompanying divisiveness, I’m ready for a change.

John Edwards: Nope. I supported him in 2004 because he seemed to be a centrist who keenly saw America’s inequalities and had practical solutions. Since then he’s drifted much further left and is now more of a liberal crusader (like a reconstituted, genetically altered Robert Kennedy) than a leader I’d want.

Bill Richardson: Quite possibly. I know he’s not a contender and he’s had some wishy-washy answers on national security, but he was my favorite Dem from the start. I like his experience and his independent, Southwest attitudes.

The Republicans

Rudy Giuliani: A slight maybe. I supported him early on but my enthusiasm has waned considerably. He panders too often and too poorly and he really doesn’t seem to be running on anything expect his extraordinary leadership in the 9/11 aftermath. That’s certainly compelling, but it’s not enough. He’s got to show us a lot more.

John McCain: A definite maybe. McCain irritated me last summer with his clumsy attempts at pandering and his carefully parsed statements, so unlike the straight-talk for which he was once famous. But he’s regained a bit of his mojo and he just might be my favorite Republican at the moment.

Mike Huckabee: Unlikely. He seems to be overusing religion to mask his deficiencies as a leader. He supports the Fair Tax plan (which is intriguingly bold) and recognizes the health care system is broken (which is unusual for a Republican) but he seems to be running for pastor-in-chief more than president.

Mitt Romney: No. He’s a phony. Says what he thinks needs to be said to get elected. Loved his Massachusetts health care plan but I can’t trust this guy.

Fred Thompson: Possibly. But I only say that because I know so little of the man. He’s rather bland, isn’t he?

Ron Paul: A slight maybe. See here.

So, there you have it. I’m flummoxed. At least I don’t feel compelled to give anyone money – or pester my friends with candidate info. Maybe I will just have to wait until there are just two options from which to choose. Or hope this quixotic effort produces results.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

g0234200011:19AMDec 31st 2007

Edwards / Biden is the best ticket for all America, anything less will be as bad as keeping Bush in office forever. America deserves honest men of integrity that will fight for all Americans. Edwards is a true patriot that can make America great, he has the substinance, determination, and will to fight greed, corruption and end the outsourcing of our jobs, His economic , education, health and welfare policies are now being copied by all the candidates. Edwards spoke out months and even years before the others. America needs to think about why are the "Washington Greed and Corruption Large Corporations and Media" trying to make this a two candidate Democratic race? Edwards is the only one able to win the Presidency from the democratic side, and any republican that is nominated will beat Clinton and/or Obama!

1:13 PM  

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