Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why Ron Paul Matters

Today, I visited the Ron Paul website to collect reasons why not to support him (yep, I started from a biased position). Over the last few months, his limited but fanatical followers have grown ever more intense while the candidate himself has maintained his low-key presence, arguing for policies that, in my uniformed opinion, seemed to alternate between the unduly pessimistic to the naively optimistic.

There are a lot of reasons not to support Ron Paul. But after an hour on his site, I found myself wanting to join the chorus of “Liberty! Liberty!” Let’s face it, Paul is the only candidate in the whole race who understands the need to decrease government power and stop the government from selling off our liberties to unelected bodies such as major corporations. Paul wants to give the people more control over their lives. That’s intoxicating.

Yes, his economic ideas are cerebral to the point of being impossible to execute. Yes, his foreign policy is overly isolationist and far too distrustful of international organizations. And, yes, his immigration solutions border on the draconian. BUT…

It is so refreshing to see a politician who, instead of proposing more regulations and more government programs, actually wants to eradicate the clutter of detrimental, unjust, corrupt and just plain stupid policies. For example, he is the only candidate I know of who understands that the first step to fixing our healthcare system is removing the nonsensical restrictions and government mandates placed on healthcare providers as well as those seeking insurance.

I wouldn’t call me a Ron Paul supporter – I can’t get past some of his more outlandish ideas and positions. But I completely support what he’s trying to do. We need someone fighting for a personal liberty agenda. We need someone who understands that our ever-expanding government is stripping away the rights and powers of the individual. We need Ron Paul the candidate. Even if we may not need Ron Paul the president.

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Blogger The Rational said...

Well said, Maverick. I believe that the seeming abandonment of anything near a credible push for small government on the part of the Republican center could be fatal for eventual hopes for the presidency. Unless the "evil" that is Hilary Clinton wins the democratic nomination i think the Republicans are doomed... What are your thoughts about a possible Bloomberg run as an independent?

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