Monday, July 31, 2006

Beach Reading

I will be out of town for the remainder of the week, so I’ll have no new posts until the 7th. But before I head out, I wanted to leave y’all with some links to other posts you may enjoy:

Amba dissects a recent David Brooks column and examines what an Israeli withdrawal would mean for Islam and Islamic terrorists.

The American Moderate Party has an update on the latest Unity ’08 goings on.

Centerfield has a discussion on the Republican minimum wage plan.

Charging RINO weighs in on the moderate vs. centrist debate.

Reader_IAM, looks into the inanity of Mel Gibson’s recent brouhaha and the inanity that has followed.

Michael Reynolds has been on a roll, giving us his take on who lost Iraq and reminding us all of what total war is and why it is useful.

Finally, Richard Lawrence Cohen offers up a poignant tale about tarot cards and the deeper desire to know one's life.

Some good stuff here from some great writers. I often wish I had the insight of Amba, the wit of Michael Reynolds and the poeticism of Richard Lawrence Cohen. But at least I have one thing none of them do – a 5-day vacation at a Mexican resort. Hasta luego mis amigos.


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