Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is Dick Cheney a Joke Now?

Justin Gardner at Donklephant thinks Cheney's shooting accident could be as politically devastating as Howard Dean's scream. He has a point. The one thing Cheney always had going for him was his gravitas. But after a week of being the punch line of every late-night joke, can Cheney recover his stature?

Does it matter? The man isn't running for president and doesn't require the love of the public to do his job. Personally, I've generally found the man to be overly secretive and needlessly divisive. The shooting doesn't change my opinion because my opinion was already on the negative side.

But the event could fuel more talk of replacing Dick Cheney in favor of someone likely to get the Republican nomination in '08 (George Allen perhaps?). Only time will tell if the accident cripples Cheney's career.


Blogger Clint Carrens said...

I think Cheney's career (if he chooses to have one beyond the VP gig) is secure, as he is well-like by conservatives. He could become a consultant within some conservative organization or think tank.

Even so, the shooting incident does and will forever give Cheney the same comical status as Dean and his scream, or Quayle and potatoe. But Cheney is in a position in his political life where it just won't matter much.

3:14 AM  
Blogger Rob Jackson said...

Better yet...I see reality TV in Cheney's future. All the business acumen of The Apprentice combined with physical fortitude of survivor. ICall it "Camp Buckshot"

8:48 AM  

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