Friday, March 30, 2007


A few complaints because I’m feeling grumpy … even though it’s Friday

• I thoroughly hate that Southwest Airlines doesn’t have assigned seats. Instead, if you want a decent seat, you have to remember to go online and print off a boarding pass 24-hours in advance. That gets you into the A group but your work is hardly done. Once at the gate, you have to line up well before boarding. If perchance you are busy and unable to go online for a boarding pass, you get stuck in B or C group and will most likely end up in a middle seat.

With Southwest, we’re free to move about the country. But we ain’t free to travel in comfort.

• I will never fly through Houston Hobby again. To transfer flights I had to exit back into the main concourse and then go through security again. Stripping down for the second time that day was bad enough. But the terminal I ended up in looked like it’d been built in 1967 and then abandoned after some apocalyptic calamity. It was like some forgotten set piece from a Planet of the Apes movie. In-and-of-itself, this would have been moderately bearable … had not the bar closed five minutes after I got there.

• Final complaint of the day (and a shallow one at that): Sanjaya on American Idol is the worst contestant in the series’ history … which is saying a lot considering the show is an ongoing parade of terminally off-key wannabe singers. But this bizarre little fellow is extra-special bad. He performs like some seventh-grader playing dress-up and singing the blandest song on the Karaoke machine. Remember the old Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein singing skit on Saturday Night Live? Sanjaya would be kicked out of that group. He is either completely delusional or Andy Kaufmann has returned to us in the form of a 17 year-old Indian boy.

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Anonymous aisake a said...

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Blogger M. Takhallus. said...

Why does the world not see that my simple solution - clear plastic clothing for air travel - solves all the airport screening issues in one fell swoop? Wouldn't you feel better, Alan, if while sitting in your middle seat on Southwestern you could be sure that the fat guy to your right, and the chatty born-again grandma to your left, were not carrying a bomb?

All we need is federal funding for research into anti-fogging technology so that the so-called "condensation concealment" issue can be solved.

5:58 PM  

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