Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Even After Win, Purge Attempts Continue

The Washington Post has a very interesting article on how the leftwing of the Democrats are continuing to attack moderate party members in an effort to purify the party. The article focuses on the left’s campaign to take out California representative Ellen Tauscher, head of the centrist New Democrat Coalition.

Never mind that the New Democrats increased from 47 to 60 congressional members after last year’s election. The leftists in the party not only believe they are the future, they believe the future has no room for would-be allies who don’t march in lockstep.

As far as I’m concerned, the current appeal of the Democrats is their diversity of opinion. Too often the Republicans seem like some bizarre collective consciousness—groupthink masquerading as ideology. I’d hate to see Democrats go the same way. But, apparently, that’s exactly where the leftists are trying to take the party.

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