Monday, November 20, 2006

Public Opinion Wins -- O.J. Book Canceled

The ill-conceived O.J. Simpson book If I Did It has been canceled along with the accompanying Fox TV special. No book. No television show. Thank goodness.

I had wanted to write about this story but didn’t want to give the book or the program any publicity. Simpson is a murderer (clear to everyone except one L.A. jury) and his attempts to exploit his crime for profit is just sickening. The fact that News Corp, owner of Fox and the publishing company behind the book, considered this a good idea is equally sickening. Fortunately, public opinion, which is right sometimes, won out.

Usually these kinds of outcries are over superfluous issues like one curse word or an exposed breast. This time the American public had a reasonable complaint and made enough noise to stop a nasty bit of “entertainment” and preserve the last few shreds of our standards.



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