Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Ramblings...

Anyone else notice that the blogosphere quieted down towards the end of this week? Post-election fatigue, I bet. I know I have it ... which is why I'm offering a bunch of short thoughts rather than anything involved or, you know, thought out. I'm also not bothering to link to stories with which you're all already familiar.

-- Trent Lott has returned to the Republican leadership in the Senate. Yep. It's still your father's GOP. Assuming your father is a rich white guy from the South.

-- John "Abscam" Murtha lost big to Steny Hoyer in the race to become Majority Leader. I can't figure why Pelosi publicly endorsed Murtha but it's good to know most Democrats realized they'd be better off sticking with Hoyer. Not so good to know the new Speaker is so clumsy.

-- Didn't Rumsfeld have to go? I mean, Iraq has gone poorly and no one can say the situation there is anywhere near the best we could have done. It seems to me our military has done everything asked of it and done it with valor. So we have to look at the leadership and Rumsfeld is at the top. Plus, by pushing Rummy out, Bush gives himself at least some hope of working with the Democratic Congress on Iraq. Hopefully the Democrats will now be more open to trying solutions that aren’t as radical as immediate withdrawal.

-- Speaking of Iraq, I still believe we have to stay. If we leave, the low-grade civil war will undoubtedly explode into a much worse war. Then what? Given the international community's continued inability (or unwillingness) to stop the killing in Darfur (which is a far less volatile region), I have no faith that anyone save the U.S. can keep the worst from happening in Iraq. Blame us for "breaking" Iraq if you want, but let's not make it worse by leaving.

-- Completely switching gears, Emmitt Smith is my all-time favorite athlete. Now I hear he's won some TV dancing contest. I can't imagine how watching competitive dancing could be enjoyable, let alone watching c-list stars and one a-list athlete dance. But I must be in the minority because everyone is talking about the show. O.k. But, for me, Emmitt will always be the greatest NFL player of his era.

-- Staying on sports, I have shocked myself by becoming a Terrell Owens fan. The guy is not naturally likable but the sports media are just needlessly cruel when it comes to TO. They revel in his on-field mistakes and off-field failings. No player in all of pro sports is so harshly covered as is TO. Sure, he's a very flawed man, but he's been turned into an underdog by the sports media. I mean, I gotta root for a guy whose achievements are ignored and whose every move is negatively judged.

-- Finally, a quick movie review. The Departed is one of the best movies I've seen in years. A little long in the middle but it's the kind of film that sticks to your ribs.


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