Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Just Can't Drive .... 80??

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Now everything may be faster too as the state considers raising the speed limit to 80 miles per hour on two Interstates in West Texas.

The reason for the change is the fact that, although a 70 mph limit is currently in place, everyone already does near 80 on the two West Texas Interstates. Heck, in my experience, 80 is the standard cruising speed on most Texas highways. Sure, we’re all breaking the law but the highway patrol doesn’t seem to care—5 to 10 miles over the limit is a kind-of grace zone and we all know it.

So, I have to agree with Judge Becky Dean Walker, the top official in Hudspeth County, who says, “If the speed limit is raised to 80, everybody is going to be doing 85 or 90. That's just human nature."

Yep. Keep the speed limits where they are and keep enforcement the way it is and don’t waste time and money passing a law and changing out all the signs.


Blogger Joshua said...

The Amarillo Autobahn.

Or, if the MEChA/La Raza types ever get their way, the Aztlan Autobahn.

1:57 PM  

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