Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush Has Few Places to Turn

President Bush’s poll numbers are at a record low. And most polls show that he’s even losing support from his conservative base (an effect of the immigration debate and soaring deficit). The question for Bush is, where can he turn for support? Nowhere, says Michael Reynolds in a great post about how the Rovian strategy of attacking not just the left but the center as well has left most moderates unwilling and, in fact, unable to lend any support to Bush.

But Mr. Bush and his echo chambers in Congress the media and the blogosphere have made it clear they don't want support from any but the Kool-Aid drinkers. The only degree of support for Mr. Bush that is acceptable to his hardcore base is 100%. Support the war in Afghanistan and oppose provisions of the Patriot Act and you are a terrorist sympathizer. Support the war in Iraq and oppose the botching of that effort and you're a traitor. It's either 100%, or nothing with these people. Support the idea of surveilling Al Qaeda communications that involve American citizens, but demand that the law be changed to conform, you're nothing but a useful idiot for Al Qaeda.

While Reynolds reaches for the shrillest examples of name-calling, he’s absolutely right that the Republican powers-that-be have made their party an uncomfortable place for everyone but the fully indoctrinated. It’s this kind of purity test that has made sure the Republican doors stay firmly closed to a guy like me.

You’d think the Democrats would take advantage of this but, oh yeah, they’ve closed their doors to the impure as well. Millions of moderates/centrists wandering the street, their votes at the ready but their presence unwelcome. This is what Karl Rove and his Democratic imitators have wrought. It's a horrible method. And it won't last.


Blogger Tom Strong said...

Great opportunity for middlists, though - if we can get our act together, that is.

12:34 PM  

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