Monday, April 17, 2006

Consitutional Segregation?

I'm all for states and cities experimenting with new ideas, particularly when it comes to education. But I just don't see how Nebraska's new law the creates defacto racially segregated school districts in Omaha can possibly be Constitutional.

I also fail to see how it can be a good idea. If the best hope we have in education is to believe every race is better off taking care of its own, then hope is dim indeed. Buying into old segregationist arguments (even when they come from minorities, as this one has)is a violation of the integrationist spirit that has driven American life for the last 50+ years. Whatever gain might come from giving each race its own school district cannot possibly justify the negative societal consequences of a system based on the premise that we are better off divided than we are united.

Undoubtedly this new law will end up in the courts. And hopefully it will be struck down as wholly incompatible with our Constitutional system.


Blogger Rudi's Thoughts said...

What, no comments, this developement in Omaha is truly digusting. It is separate but equal all over again. I guess the latest American Idol is more important.

9:46 PM  

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