Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Rift on the Left

Neo-neocon examines the very real divide on the left between those who blame America for all the world's problems and those who take a more, shall we say, clear-headed view.

I have often noted that there are major differences between what, for lack of better labels, I call the left and the far-left (and we do need better labels). The left is merely critical of the handling of the war on terror but is more than willing to acknowledge that we have very real enemies and must confront them with very real actions. The far left sees only one enemy: ourselves ... or, rather, our government and its supporters.

The left I agree with about as often as I disagree. The far left makes my stomach turn. But the far left has been very vocal these last few years and has too-often out-shouted the reasonable voices of the left. This has not been a positive development.

Neo reprints a very telling debate between a member of the left and a member of the far left which shows there are very stark differences of opinion between those who call themselves liberals. Read the post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan Stewart Carl: The far left sees only one enemy: ourselves ... or, rather, our government and its supporters.

So who got us into this war without a goal or plan to get out?
Saddam? the new leader of Iran?

You can hate the far-Left as you call us all you want but everything we said was going to happen during this war before it started has happened, but of course you are obviously one of those egomanics like our President who can't admit when he is wrong and do what has to be done.

America, along with other Western nations, has made many enemies in the ME by manipulating governments for decades and Middle Easterners have every right to be angry at the West.

Maybe you should read the Bible where it states that each person is his own worst enemy.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

I do not see eye-to-eye with you so that makes me egomaniacal?

And where did I say anything about hating the far left?

I said "makes my stomach turn." And, I have to say, my stomach does turn when I read comments such as yours that make no effort in learning my point-of-view and resort to insults rather than engaging in civil discourse.

10:47 AM  

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