Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some Great Links While I'm Away

I will be on vacation for the rest of the week. I'll be back next Monday but I wanted to leave y'all with some great reading material while I'm away.


Charging RINO has some thoughts on President Bush's push for a revamped line-item-veto.

Ambivablog has found a new admiration for Wes Clark.

Shay at Booker Rising has some harsh words about Three 6 Mafia's Oscar win.

But The Mighty Middle thinks Three Six Mafia doesn't deserve such harsh criticism.

Neo-neocon has a great post on why she blogs what she blogs.

Dean Esmay gets into the game with his own post on blogging.

The Moderate Voice discusses the Democrats struggle at finding a strong message and Bush’s new attempt to open the Artic to drilling.

NeoMugwump writes about Brokeback Mountain and what the film means to the gay community.

Richard Lawrence Cohen has a new book out and explains why you should buy it.

And don't forget to visit Donklephant. Some of the best writing in the blogosphere goes on at Donklephant and there's always a great post or two or three to read.


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