Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Return of Al Gore?

I have never particularly liked Al Gore and it's hard for me to quantify why. Perhaps it's simply his mannerisms, that intellectual elitism he seems so comfortable portraying. Not that I have any problems with intellectualism. But I prefer it wrapped in a less condescending package. Bill Clinton was and still is masterful at being both smart and down-to-earth. Al Gore has never had that gift.

But, as an article in The American Prospect describes, Al Gore is reemerging on the political scene and is setting himself up as the darling of the left wing.

In an era where condescension and moralistic lectures are regularly heard from partisans of both parties, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that Al Gore's style is a good fit with a section of the electorate brimming with indignant anger. There are very few on the left wings of the Democratic Party who won't openly say that they are more clear-headed, more aware and just plain more intelligent than the brainwashed buffoons and their manipulative masters on the right.

Al Gore, with his past political success and style of intellectual superiority is perhaps even more perfect to lead the left wing than is Howard Dean. Dean, after all, never won the popular vote in a presidential election. And Dean comes off as much more a man-of-the-movement kind of guy. Gore is a general.

I would not be surprised if Gore mounts a run for the Democratic nomination. And I would not be surprised if he does quite well, although not well enough to win. He, better than any other politico, represents the passions and mindset of the modern Democratic left wing. And he brings a level of gravitas no one else in the Daily Kos-reading, belonging set can hope to offer.

It'll be interesting to watch what happens.


Blogger SandyBeach said...

I agree that there is a good chance Al Gore will be in the race in 2008. However, I find it difficult to understand how someone who comes across so intellectual can be so mindless when he makes statements like "I invented the internet" or even more recently that he "converted a room full of conservatives"? After so many years of this rhetoric, we simply cannot trust him and that is why he won't win.

10:09 PM  

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