Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh No, Here Comes T.O.

I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. Multiple-jersey owning, every-game watching, dressing-my-two-year-old-in-Cowboys-colors fan. And I gotta say, the signing of superstar wide receiver Terrell Ownes leaves me feeling both thrilled and a little bit sullied.

On the one hand, the team desperately needed a game-breaking type player. Owens was by far the best offensive talent available in free agency. And his addition immediately makes the Cowboys a playoff contender. But at what cost? T.O. is a mercenary. The guy isn’t a team player—he’s a hired gun you bring in with the hope that’ll he’ll do more damage to your opponents than to your team.

So here’s the deal. I’ll root for Owens. I’ll cheer when he breaks one of his crossing patterns for a big score. But I’m not going to like the guy. Not unless he shows up to be a real part of the team. Wearing silver and blue isn’t enough. Us fans want our Cowboys to bleed silver and blue as well.

The first time Owens is wide open but doesn’t get the ball because Bledsoe can’t escape the pocket, I’ll be watching. Will Owens get angry? Or will he suck it up and go out and make sure he gets wide open again? I can’t say I’m optimistic that we’re getting a “new” Terrell Owens. But he is a Cowboy now. So I’ll afford him the benefit-of-the-doubt. At least until his first temper tantrum.


Blogger Rob Jackson said...

Let's just start by trying to play on every down. we're talking baby-steps here.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous GN said...

I didn't know he was headed to Texas. If I had, I would have put a nice Silver and Blue bow on the package. I am just glad he turned in the Green even though the Iggles will have a hard time for awhile.

12:48 PM  

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