Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One of the Good Guys in this Administration

As everyone knows, President Bush is not a particularly gifted extemporaneous speaker. But he can deliver some pretty powerful scripted speeches. Who’s responsible for transforming Bush’s natural inarticulateness into true eloquence? Michael Gerson, who has been writing speeches for Bush since he was Governor of Texas.

Now, The New Yorker has a fascinating profile on Gerson. Unabashedly evangelical, earnestly compassionate and a staunch believer in Bush’s righteousness, Gerson is known as the protector of compassionate conservatism within the White House and a man whose influence on Bush is far greater than many realize.

Read the whole profile as an excerpt would fail to capture the complexity of this man. I think you’ll find Gerson is the embodiment of much that is great about Bush. It’s almost as if he’s the anchor of compassion to Dick Cheney’s squalls of divisiveness—the good angle on the right shoulder.

Presidents often seem to be alone, regularly appearing on TV surrounded by nothing more than American flags. But we all know there are countless advisers and experts and speech writers whispering into their ear. Who’s doing the whispering can dramatically affect how the President will lead. Gerson’s whispers, it seems, have been positive for Bush and the nation.

Having learned much about this man I hardly knew existed, I think it’s clear that he deserves credit as one of the true good-guys in this administration.


Anonymous hcbalfour said...

Thanks for the link to the NYer article! I had never heard of Gerson. Came across this interview and was relieved that there are some true good guys in the admin. Searched for comments on the article on google's blog search and came across the "jaded listener" (http://jadedlistener.wordpress.com).

9:07 AM  

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