Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alito Nomination Brings Out the Worst in the Daily Kos Left

It’s official. Samuel Alito is a Supreme Court justice. Only four Democrats voted yes on the confirmation.

But much more interesting is the fact that 19 Democrats voted for cloture. This means that 15 Democrats didn’t like Alito but were responsible and principled enough not to let this nomination descend into a farce that would have wasted the Senate’s time and further divided the nation.

Of course, not everyone sees it my way. The denizens at Daily Kos erupted in foul-mouthed rage and swore to take down all the Democrats who dared not support the filibuster. So vitriolic and foul was the response that numerous Centrist-leaning blogs couldn’t resist pointing it out (here, here and also here).

I point it out too because Daily Kos isn’t just a blog. It’s a rally point for the far left where senators like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy have guest-blogged and where party leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been known to turn to for advice. And if Daily Kos represents the future of the Democratic party, the Democrats are in serious trouble. No party can thrive on that level of spite and nastiness. No party can win when the activists work to eradicate all those who don’t march in ideological lock-step.

And after the cloture vote passed and the Kos kids had their say? Big Pa Kos himself wrote a post reassuring everyone that it’ll be ok because Bob Woodruff and Jill Carroll were the day’s top stories and now, finally, the country is going to turn against Bush once and for all. The implication being that the injury to Woodruff and the travails of Carroll are going to finally convince us sheep that the war is wrong and Bush is evil.

Such ignorant celebration of tragedy coupled with the viciousness directed toward moderate Democrats convinces me that, if the far left succeeds in its takeover of the Dems, the party will die.


Blogger gljunket said...

The only word I can add to "ignorant celebration" is "embarrassing!" Ted Kennedy and his legions achieved a new low with his futile display of "free speech." It's hard to imagine how ANYone thought that was a commendable example of democracy. And on the intelligence scale, it ranks right down there with the newly empowered Hamas leaders blindly ingnoring the historic opportunity to moderate their terroristic ambitions in the interest of a positive future for Palestinians.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

These folks have to go somewhere to vent, and KOS is it. Thankfully, most moderate to left and even liberal folks are not so ready to tear the Democrats to pieces for not conforming to "orthodoxy". Let them vent their spleen and don't mistake it for the opinions of most reasonable people on the left.

1:47 AM  
Blogger amba said...

Woodruff, no? Not Carl Bernstein's erstwhile partner.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

fixed by the magic of the Internet.

Thanks, Amba

3:16 PM  

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