Monday, January 30, 2006

Cut Off Aid to the Hamas Government

It seems that both the European Union and the United States agree that aid should be cut off to the Palestinian government until Hamas denounces violence and rejects its earlier calls for Isreal’s destruction.

I don’t see what other option we have. Any foreign aid given to the Hamas government is tantamount to funding terrorism. Providing aid to the Fatah government was already a devil’s bargain. Doing the same with Hamas would be morally reprehensible.

If Hamas wants to be the government of the Palestinian Territories, they must unequivocally renounce violence against Israel and firmly denounce the armed terrorist wing of their party. If they care at all about the future of the Palestinian people, they will choose responsible leadership over terrorist mantras.

Unfortunately, I do not see a sudden change-of-heart for Hamas. This is a group that warred against Israel for many years and despite a year-long cease-fire is still an enemy of Israel. In fact, Hamas is an enemy of peace itself.

The next few months will not be pretty. I certainly do not know what path is best to walk. But I do know that it begins by cutting off aid.


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