Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Unanimous Abortion Ruling? Yep.

It's true. All nine Supreme Court Justices signed onto the majority opinion dealing with New Hampshire's parental notification law.

What exactly did all the justices agree upon? Well, they all agreed that the entire law wasn't unconstitutional and sent it back to the lower court which had, in the Court’s opinion, needlessly invalidated the full regulation. But mainly the Supreme Court justices all agreed that they didn't want to jump in front of the abortion train this session.

That was a nice parting gift to Sandra Day O'Connor. And a nice show of solidarity with Samuel Alito, who certainly appreciates the high court refusing to make a controversial abortion ruling right before his confirmation comes up for a vote.

Nevertheless, I suspect this will be the last 9-0 abortion ruling we see for quite some time.


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