Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is It Possible That South Park Went Too Far?

It appears that Comedy Central has capitulated to the wishes of a special-interest group and chosen not to re-air an episode of South Park that was profoundly offensive to Catholics (and most likely everyone else).

The Catholic League complained about an episode that dealt with a statue of the Virgin Mary and, well, let’s just say that the episode was called “Bloody Mary” and it was indeed incredibly offensive.

But South Park is always offensive. It’s a full-on equal-opportunity offender, adroitly (if rather disgustingly) exposing all of society’s many pretensions, falsehoods and pointless mores. South Park skewers everyone and anyone who dares to have a belief, culture, religion, race, creed, age or gender.

But what makes the “Bloody Mary” episode worth pulling? Nothing out of the South Park norm. Looks to me like Comedy Central blinked. They better watch out…if other humorless interest groups get wind of this, South Park will never air again.


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