Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year. A New Blog.

To all those who used to read me over at The Yellow Line and to all those who are just discovering my writings, welcome to Maverick Views, my brand new blog focusing on culture, politics and current events.

As many of you know, I retired from the world o’ blogs late last summer. But, as most of you predicted, I couldn’t stay retired. There’s just too many interesting events to comment on and too many fascinating ideas to discuss. I’m not the kind of person who can keep an opinion to himself and, thanks to the magic world of blogs, I don’t have to.

So I’m back. But it’ll be different (hence the decision to launch a new blog and not attempt to resuscitate The Yellow Line). I won’t be writing as frequently. I can’t do it. The pace I kept was too hard to maintain while holding down a job and being a husband and father. But I will write most days and here and there I may even write on weekends.

I’ll also be less directly concerned with Centrist politics. While I do consider myself a Centrist and participate in such Centrist groups as The Centrist Coalition, Maverick Views isn’t a Centrist Political blog. It’s just me, giving my thoughts, seeking other opinions and generally trying to dig out from underneath the b.s. that spews from our modern political culture.

As the tagline says, I’ll be aiming for somewhere near the center, but that doesn’t mean I won’t sometimes hit well left or well right. The point isn’t to espouse a consistent Centrist platform, but to avoid espousing the kinds of half-truths and outright untruths spouted mindlessly by so many along the entire political spectrum.

We have become a people who prefer our politics in microwavable form. Prepackaged and unoriginal. You put a group of modern-day liberals in a room and their views on all the hot-button political issues of the day are going to be damn-near identical, veined with the exact same “truths” that are far from truthful. The same is true amongst many modern-day conservatives.

Too many smart people just parrot what they hear from opinion leaders on “their side.” And too many opinion leaders, particularly in this blogosphere of ours, waste their intelligence in destructive attempts to mold reality rather than using their intelligence to uncover truth. I ain’t going to play that game. I’m not claiming some grand ability to uncover truth. I’m just promising not to mold reality for my own political ends.

So that’s why this is Maverick Views. A Maverick resists conformity. Plus, the original Maverick, Samuel Maverick, was a San Antonian. And so am I.

Enjoy the blog.


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