Monday, January 09, 2006

Arabs Out of Africa?

Over at Booker Rising, Shay has an excellent editorial questioning why some Arabs and their supporters want the Jews out of Israel but have no problem with Arabs in Africa.

If Arabs and their diaspora (and their Iranian allies) can argue for a Jew-free Middle East, then black Africans and those of us who are part of the diaspora can argue for an Arab-free Africa. After all, Arabs have been occupying black land and committing massive atrocities against blacks - atrocities that far surpass anything Israel has done to the Palestinians - for 1,400 years. And while Jewish presence in the Middle East long precedes that of Islam and Jews are indigenous to that region, this is not the case for Arabs in Africa.

Shay is not seriously calling for the removal of Arabs from Africa. But she is seriously pointing out the duplicity of those who believe that the Jews have no right to Israel. The editorial is very well argued and well worth the read.


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