Thursday, July 26, 2007

Panderers and Wingers

This is one of the big reasons why I have had so little to say recently. None of the Democratic presidential candidates will even make an appearance at the DLC event. None. Why? Well, either they are leftwingers who share no goals with the moderate DLC OR they're hardcore panderers who are scared shitless of the leftwingers in their own party. Either way, not a one of them is the type of leader I want in the White House.

Problem is, it's the same on the Republican side. I just don't have a convenient news article to prove my point. How can I sit here and write daily about a political situation that is at best stagnant and at worst intellectually and morally bankrupt? My will has waned. But I'm not done yet.

Will I be writing more often? Maybe. I don't know. I've got a lot going on outside of this blog world. But the very fact that this news story sent me rushing back to the blog shows that I've still got a few things to say ... even if all I'm doing is throwing tiny pebbles into a deep, dark lake.