Friday, March 09, 2007

A Little Reading While I'm Away

I will be out of town visiting family until next Wednesday. So, as I always try to do, here are some great posts by other writers from my blogroll.

Amba brings us the interesting story of plummeting sales of magnetic yellow ribbons.

Aubrey J. explains the theory that if we hadn’t invaded Iraq we’d be fighting a far bloodier war in Afghanistan.

Centrisity gives us a hilarious political cartoon.

Callimachus discusses the moral shame of the ALA. That’s The American Library Association – and, yeah, it really is shameful. Read it.

I also enjoyed this Callimachus post about Bush’s failure to ask enough of the civilian citizenry – a point I’ve harped on more than once.

Just about anything Ali Eteraz writes is worth reading, particularly for anyone serious about understanding Islam. This post is fascinating and so wonderfully written it makes me want to hang up my quill.

Fed Locally praises the political wisdom and skill of Tony Blair.

Gruntled Center gives us this astute Biblical analysis linking Barack Obama with a great figure from the Old Testament.

As I have recently said, the whole controversy over Al Gore’s power bill is off-topic. NeoMugwump agrees and has this excellent commentary.

Richard Lawrence Cohen is a master of words. But, in this post he shares with us some hilarious words invented by others.

That’s hardly all that’s worth reading. There’s much more. I’ve just run out of time to link. So, until Wednesday, take care y’all.



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