Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Conservatives Want Condi in 2008

Over at The Mighty Middle, Michael Reynolds gives his take on a recent conservative blogger poll rating the most-desired Republican presidential candidate for 2008.

Surprisingly, Condi Rice won. Wouldn't that be a category-busting, stand-up-and-take notice Republican nominee? Michael thinks she's popular mainly because she's the anti-Hillary. That's part of it. But I think it goes deeper. Since most people assume Cheney won't run, conservatives are seeking the person most likely to continue the Bush legacy. A Rice win would validate the entire War on Terror and specifically the Iraq War.

So, a Rice candidacy would 1) be a victory for the Bushies and 2) neutralize the Hillary effect. Primary voters might consider #1 but I doubt they'd be so strategic as to consider #2. Rice may be religious but she's also said to be pro-choice. Could a single black pro-choice woman really make it through a Republican primary? I'd like to think the less-savory elements of the Republican party wouldn't raise their bigoted heads, but I imagine they would.

When given the choice between a single black pro-choice woman and a white male pro-lifer like George Allen, a fair number of Republican primary voters aren't going to pull the lever for Condi.

Nevertheless, I hope her current support motivates her to run. I would love to see her in the race. She's a brilliant and fascinating woman and while she's never held elected office, I think her time in the Bush Administration makes her just as qualified as any small-state Governor or big-city mayor would be.

I don't know if I'd vote for her, but I certainly wouldn't write her off until I heard a lot of what she had to say.


Blogger gljunket said...

The Right Wing News survey (by the way, that Democratic Underground is really disgusting! None of them deserve to live in the US!) is interesting, but not significant...58 so-called "right of center" bloggers? My biased "neo-centrist" (i.e. disaffected moderate conservative) view is that Condi could be an interesting candidate IF she could credibly move toward the Center after throwing off the shackles of a Bush Loyalist....obviously a long shot. Actually a stronger possibility than Hillary credibly abandoning "her base."

10:46 AM  
Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Definitely not a statistically significant survey, true. But those bloggers are opinion leaders, so I think it's still an important result.

As for Democratic Underground...I've always imagined they're just a bunch of college students who think they have the whole world figured out. At least I hope they're mainly kids that will grow out of their militancy.

10:37 PM  

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